Our Story

The Capri Italian was started in 1963 by Joe & Helen Sams. They believed in offering good quality food & service at a reasonable price. 

In 1997 The Thiel family, Carol, Rich, Jim & Jeff, took over the Capri. They stuck to Joe & Helen’s principles of great food & service.

Ten years later, Mom & Dad retired . (But are known to  make frequent visits to check on the boys!) Now  Jeff & Jim are in charge. The first couple of years were great for Jeff & Jim but then they had a down turn. The Boys were at their wits end & were near closing until  2010 when someone told Jeff & Jim that the show ,”Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares ” was looking for restaurants needing some help.  Seeing this as their last hope, The Boys applied to be on the show and sure enough, they made it! Little did they know what that meant! BUT, Chef Ramsay whipped them into shape & instilled in them the same principles he uses  “Keep it Simple & Keep it Fresh”.

Thank you Chef Ramsay for your help in  making The Capri & The Boys known world wide, and  YES, we still have HOME MADE MEATBALLS!!